Principal's Desk

Principal of Rabindra Bharati Mahavidyalaya

Dr. Titas Kumar Bandopadhyay

Principal & Secretary

Rabindra Bharati Mahavidyalaya

From the Desk of Principal

I have a great pleasure to join Rabindra Bharati Mahavidyalaya as Principal on the of September, 2018. Our college is situated in the beautiful rural area of Kolaghat where the river Rupnarayan is murmuring her melody. I always feel peace when I pass on the side of Rupnarayan to reach the College. I welcome my beloved students who are sincere, dedicated, obedient and hard worker. I am grateful to my prestigious governing body who constantly guide me to upgrade my college. I am also benefitted from my teaching and non-teaching staff from their active participation in the development activity of the college. Our student union is very helpful and caring to the academic aspect of our college. As a whole, we all are in a close family including our respected guardians who always try to upgrade our college.
Our main objective is not only to help our students to acquire University Degrees but also to help them to manifest their self- realization. We have NSS unit who often performs social activities like cancer awareness programme, cleanliness programme, career oriented programme etc. Our students are very rich in their cultural activities and these are reflected in their performances in the College social and cultural programmes.
Finally, we seek help from the Govt. and all other concerned to construct our own building for the overall and speedy development of our College.

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